Create Interactive Engaging Surveys

Build your own surveys using an easy selection of questions or choose from a list of questions already in use in your industry. Gather customer feedback on new products and services early and throughout the development cycle to save time and money.

With Survey Ballot you can build advanced-flow surveys, send them, and roll out organization-wide results the same week.

Collect Responses

Log in to your company dashboard to view current and past results for each of your customers or company as a whole.

At Risk Customer Alert

We identify unhappy customers using past scores and industry data, tag them as 'at risk' and alert you via email.

Company And Customer Trends

View your current and past scores to see how you are progressing over time. Each of your customers has their own result page.

Take Action

We give you the tools you need to identify unhappy customers and improve customer satisfaction within your business.

Industry Benchmarks

Put everything into perspective by gaining an understanding of where you stand in relation to your competitors. See how you're performing against the industry top performers and identify areas of your business that need improvement.

Grow Your Business

We'll automatically collect testimonials which you or your customers can then share online.

Attract New Customers

We'll allow your customers to easily share their testimonials to colleagues and friends on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.